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About firm

WGWGreen Energy Poland Ltd. is a dynamically developing Polish company engaged in the manufacture of innovative machinery, equipment and technology for the disposal of tires and plastics. We offer industrial devices for thermal decomposition. As the process is carried out in anaerobic conditions, it does not have any negative impact on the environment.

The process also guarantees a very positive payback time.


WGW Green Energy Poland Ltd. collaborates with renowned institutes and research organizations in Poland, including:

• Institute of Precision Engineering (IMP) in Warsaw,
• Polish Scientific Association for Recycling in Warsaw,
• Warsaw University of Technology,
• AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The innovative character of the proposed solutions received recognition at the following events:

VIII Międzynarodowa Warszawska Wystawa Innowacji IWIS 2014 (International Warsaw Invention Show) – the largest exhibition event in Central and Eastern Europe, promoting innovative Polish and foreign solutions. The international jury awarded WGW Green Energy Poland Ltd. with a bronze medal for the device for thermal decomposition and the technology for recovery of oil and gas by anaerobic treatment.

The World Exhibition of Invention, Research and New Technologies in Brussels “Brussels Eureka!” in November 2014 awarded our team with a silver medal for “environmentally safe installation and technology for oil and gas recovery from car tires and other organic wastes by the thermal decomposition method in a closed cycle”.